FAQ: “What does ‘guaranteed’ mean?”

“Pass the exam or your money back.” Sounds great, you think; they’re saying I’m guaranteed to pass the Patent Bar Exam.

Except, that’s not what they’re saying at all.

To get your refund from these companies, you would have to show documentation that you took the Exam and failed. You would be required to do so even if you recognize immediately that a program you’ve purchased is no good, or is not right for you. Not only have you spent $390 in fees to take the Exam, but you’ve lost several months of your time to re-apply, study harder (possibly after buying a different course), and take it again—for another $390.

It’s not just the time and money; it’s also the effort you could have put into something more productive—like getting started with your career—if you had passed on the first try.

Only PatBar® offers a double-guarantee: 1) we will refund your money if you want to return our program for any reason within 30 days (our policy since 2002); 2) if, on your first try within one year after originally purchasing our course, you don’t pass the exam, we will renew/extend your subscription by nine months.

You’re here for one reason: to pass the Patent Bar Exam. We’re here to get you there.