Week of May 8, 2017

The president of a new start-up company realizes that having patents will help their company succeed in a number of ways, including financing and protecting them from other competitors. One invention seems the most promising and the company wants to have it patented as soon as possible. What should the company do?

(A) File the application in the normal way since there are no provisions to speed up the process.
(B) File the application with a letter requesting “the best service possible.”
(C) File the application indicating that one of the inventors is over 65 years of age.
(D) File the application along with a petition to make special under the accelerated examination program.
(E) File the application along with a request for prioritized examination.



ANSWER: (E). See MPEP 708.02(b) and 37 CFR 1.102(e).

Accelerated examination promises the following:

“The objective of the accelerated examination program is to complete the examination of an application within twelve months from the filing date of the application.”

Prioritized examination promises the following:

“The goal for handling applications under prioritized examination is to provide, on average, a final disposition within twelve months of prioritized status being granted.”


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