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FAQ: Patent Bar Review courses and AIA questions

“Some Patent Bar Review courses claim to have new, actual exam questions. How is this possible?”—Darin H., Alexandria, VA …

It’s not.

Any company claiming that its clients will get most (or even ‘all’) of the America Invents Act questions on which the Patent Bar Exam relies are hoping that you won’t be aware of one vital fact: exam-takers must agree to not disclose any AIA questions in any way—and the penalties can be severe.

In other words, these companies are either lying to get your money, or they cheated and are suffering the consequences.

Only PatBar® Patent Bar PREP is fully updated for the 2019 Patent Bar Exam, including hundreds of AIA questions prepared exclusively for our students by our Director, Patent Attorney Emeritus David E. Meeks, and based on his 25-plus years of experience in training his students to pass the Patent Bar Exam. PatBar® gives you an exclusive, insider’s view of the questions you will see on Exam day, along with David’s tested lookup strategies to help you find—and find quickly—the answers to any questions you don’t recognize.

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