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FAQ: why not “pass-or-don’t-pay”?

“I’m considering enrolling in your course, but your guarantee doesn’t include a ‘pass-or-don’t-pay’ option. Why not?” —R. B., San Francisco, CA

We don’t offer “pass-or-don’t-pay” because it’s a beautiful, glittering basket full of nothing.

In order to qualify for the “pass-or-don’t-pay” guarantee offered by some courses, you would be required to take the exam, and fail. Taking the exam will cost you $405 ($40 non-refundable registration fee, $200 exam fee [that is refunded only if you don’t qualify to take the exam], and the $165 fee paid to the testing center).

In other words, you would be forced to spend an additional $405 to get back the money you paid for their course.

PatBar® features the most robust guarantee available:

  • If the Patent Office determines that you don’t qualify during your 9-month subscription, you get a full refund.
  • If you take the exam and don’t pass, you can use the course for another 9 months until you do pass.
  • You can get a full refund for any reason within 30 days.

Try PatBar® free!

Patent Practitioner Retirement Rate Calculated

A patent attorney who tracks trends for International IP Law Group has calculated the retirement rate of patent practitioners, each a potential employment opportunity.

Research by Zachary Kinnaird shows that approximately 15% of patent practitioners leave the field after 20 years of practice. Based on removals from the Patent and Trademark Office roster, Kinnaird further calculates the annual rate of retirement at about two percent.

Each of these retirements represents a potential job opening, presuming the retiree’s position is not “filled” by attrition. Coupled with newly available positions, the data would seem to suggest that employment prospects are good for those newly registered to practice before the USPTO.

Read Kinnaird’s analysis here.