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10 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Patent Bar Review Course

These questions will help you choose the Patent Bar Review course that gives you the very best chance for success. Read what the courses say; pay close attention to what they don't say—especially if they avoid the answers. For example, never trust any company that won't tell you who is behind their course.

You must pass the Patent Bar to begin your career as a registered patent agent or patent attorney. PatBar® has helped tens of thousands of students pass the exam.

All programs are the same, right?

No. PatBar® is the original study-at-home course, since 1992.

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Recent exam questions

The exams are secret. PatBar® teaches you to find the answers.

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Program Director David E. Meeks, Esq.

Program Director David E. Meeks, Esq., is a member of the New York Bar, Attorney Emeritus, and admitted to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. He is a graduate of Newark College of Engineering, BSME Magna Cum Laude, and the University of North Carolina School of Law. He is a Master Rainmaker.

In 1992, he began organizing a program of instruction for the Patent Bar while teaching several IP and patent courses at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He has been preparing students for the patent bar ever since.

Mr. Meeks is in contact with pre-law and law school students nearly every day. His email address is

Dear David Meeks,

This is to let you know that I could achieve the passing grade in the Patent Bar examination with the help of PatBar course. I took the examination on April 14. I studied for the test using lectures and other material provided in the PartBar course. I found the question sets—provided at the end of each lecture and also within each lecture—particularly useful for understanding the concepts. The course helped me develop a ‘thought process or thinking style’ needed to answer questions asked in the Patent Bar examination. I must say that merely knowing all the information about patent laws and rules may not be adequate to be successful in the examination. One must understand the core concept of each rule/law and then develop a systematic thinking process based on the concepts learned to select the most appropriate answer from the given options. The PatBar course helped me a great deal in preparing for the test.

I sincerely thank you and all those who composed the course material.


I am so very proud to announce that I passed the Patent Bar today on my very first attempt!!!!

Your materials were instrumental in my success for two reasons: 1) The materials are precisely condensed to focus on parts of the MPEP that will most likely be tested and 2) the test taking software really allowed me to sharpen my test taking skills.

Keep up the good work!

Dear Mr. Meeks,

I’ve taken online courses that have tools purported to help the learning process. I don’t think they have been as educational as your course has been thus far. I have been going through each module, reading the material, listening along to the lectures, and completing the quizzes afterwards. It works. I’m impressed that as confusion or questions arise on my part they get resolved as I follow along. Even when I emailed for support about a hunch, it turned out that I was right, which means I’m making my own deductions/ inferences from the material. The availability of the personalized help makes me very comfortable and confident that I can do well. In short, I’m just very appreciative and my fear of this test is greatly diminished.


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PatBar® was established in 1992 by a registered, practicing Patent Attorney. We were the first company ever to offer a home-study course for the Patent Bar Exam. With 30 years of experience in preparing students to succeed, we know exactly what to update and when, so you can master the exam.

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Bracket Corp., a French company, filed a patent application in France in 2014. The invention had been very successful so the company was thinking of filing in several other countries. The company had a meeting with their patent representative to form a strategy going forward. The meeting resulted in their deciding to file an application… Read more »

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Patent Bar Review AIA Exam Question of the Week

What parts of 35 U.S.C. 102 have been eliminated by the AIA? (A) 102(c) (B) 102(d) (C) 102(f) (D) 102(g) (although some limited applicability remains) (E) All of the above ANSWER: (E). See MPEP 2151, paragraph 10. Try PatBar® free! Questions prepared by David E. Meeks, Esq., Institute for Patent Studies, Inc. All rights reserved.

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