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Long Exam, Limited Time

The most difficult aspect of the exam is the time you’re given, or more accurately, the lack of time. You’re given 3 hours for each block of questions, which equates to only 3 minutes and 36 seconds for each question. This short time is a big part of what makes the pass rate so low. You’re allowed to look up answers in the MPEP while taking the exam and, given unlimited time, you would easily be able to pass. However, the time limitation creates a difficult balancing act between looking up the answers and recalling them from memory.

Our course trains you to both remember as much as is required without wasting your time, and teaches you speedy lookup strategy so that you can finish and pass within the allotted time.

We include a study guide which tells you how to practice looking things up quickly in the MPEP, how to use the computerized format of the exam to your advantage, and some tips for what to do if your computer crashes or has other problems during the exam.

We also, through our long experience, and through surveys and internet research, have determined what parts of the MPEP are most heavily tested. We emphasize this in the MPEP so that you can know what to memorize while not wasting your time on irrelevant material.