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Pass Rates

If a company tells you that nearly all of their clients pass the Patent Bar Exam, they’re either engaging in some very creative math, or they’re flat-out lying to you.

At least one company straight-up admits that they ‘calculate’ their astronomical pass rate by assuming their clients have passed if they didn’t ask for a refund, because there’s a ‘very strong monetary incentive’ to do so. This delegitimizes every other reason—for instance, some simply give up, others enroll with PatBar®—in service of avoiding any real research.

PatBar® follows up with our students—and our customer service is unmatched in the industry. When our students sit for the Patent Bar Exam, more than 80 percent of them pass. (Over 25-plus years, our pass rate has fluctuated between 80 and 90 percent.) Since most of our students pass on the first try, they earn their way to a lucrative career that much faster.

PatBar® has trained students who were failed by other companies, which then go on to take credit for our students’ success with the Patent Bar Exam. These companies assume that just because their students eventually show up on the list of registered patent attorneys and agents (the ‘Attorney Roster’), they passed using only that company’s course. We’ve talked to many students who enrolled with PatBar® after giving up on a different course, passed using our course, and then were counted by that other company in their pass rates.