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We know well that there are numerous Patent Bar courses available, with a huge range of prices. You’re probably wondering what a more expensive course gets you.

Most of the expensive courses are live courses. They obviously have a lot more overhead, such as hiring speakers, travel, renting a lecture hall, insurance, and all the other costs associated with having students show up in person. We know because we used to do it too. We found it to be a less effective way to study because the material is very dense and it’s hard to absorb much of it in a one-week cram session. We found that our students did most of their studying with our materials at home, after the course, and used the live course as an overpriced and boring vacation.

Because of this, we were the first company to offer a study-at-home course.

Our competitors who have live courses decided to keep the price the same when they started offering home-study courses. With the much lower costs of offering a home-study course, this greatly increased their profits.

We, on the other hand, decided to offer the lowest price in the industry for the same excellent course that we pioneered.