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How Long Does It Take?

Our experience and customer surveys have taught us that it takes about 150-200 hours of study using our course for a student to pass the exam. The course is broken up into 62 modules (which take 1–2 hours each), and we recommend that you complete one module per day. This is especially true if you have other things going on; for example, if you’re studying in the evenings while working or going to school. 1–2 hours in a day might not seem like very much, but the material is very dense and it’s hard to absorb more than that in a single day.

Some people have no problem doing two modules per day. You will know where you stand after trying it and seeing how well you do on the quizzes at the ends of the modules.

Assuming one module per day, plus some extra days at the start for our Beginners Lectures and some more at the end for simulated practice exams, and some days off, we find that it usually takes about 3 months to study. It can be done faster by some people, but if you only have less than 2 months, it will become increasingly difficult to study and pass.

The above is assuming that you’re reasonably smart, and have no prior experience with patents or studying for the Patent Bar. It also doesn’t account for law school, since law school isn’t especially helpful for passing the Patent Bar.