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What’s Included

Secrets of the Patent Bar
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Our Secrets of the Patent Bar video lets you in on some little-known information about the exam and is available even if you just sign up for the demo.

View of the Main Course

Our instructions give you an introductory lecture and reading assignment which include some information about the material and how to effectively study for the exam.

Beginner’s Lectures
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Our Beginner’s Lectures help you set up a mental framework for the material which will make it much easier to learn the complexities and details later.

View of the Course Modules

The modules each include the study material and lecture (you can just listen, just read, or do both at once), a summary of the important AIA material (in modules where it’s relevant), a set of quiz questions, and the relevant chapter of the MPEP so that you can practice your lookup strategy while taking the quiz.

AIA & Supplements
View of the Course PDF

The AIA summary material consists of several lists of frequently asked questions about the changes and includes a lot of material which is heavily tested. The Source Material is some additional, new material which will be tested on the exam along with the MPEP. It is also available to you during the exam along with the MPEP.

Flash Cards
View of the Course Flashcards

Our two sets of flash cards help with both lookup and memorization. The USPTO rules cards will help you remember the rule numbers that are often referred to in the exam, and the MPEP sections cards help you remember where to look in the MPEP rather than wasting time looking it up in the index.

Exam Simulator
View of the Exam Simulator

Our Exam Simulation Suite looks and acts very much like the real exam, with real prior exam questions (re-written and adapted where necessary to reflect changes in the law), and presents the MPEP in the same format which you’ll have during the exam.

File Wrapper Book
Preview of the File Wrapper Book

The File Wrapper Book includes 3 complete patent applications, including appeals and all other documentation, from initial application all the way through to issuance. This will give you insight into how the process of getting a patent is actually accomplished.

Rainmaking Lectures
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Our Rainmaking lectures are especially helpful once you’ve taken the exam and finished law school. Whether you’re working at a firm or hanging out your own shingle, you’ll need to find new clients, and we give you the tools to do this.