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Types of Patent Bar Courses

There are three basic types of courses: home study – expensive; home study – cheap; and live seminars.

High-priced courses often recommended by your employer are rarely paid for by your employer. (They used to, but not any more—the cost is on you.) These courses often overwhelm you with data, as if they expect you to prosecute cases immediately. Without study guidance, you’ll most likely fail the Patent Bar Exam, and never even get started on your career path.

Cheap courses also lack study guidance, but with one important difference: they charge you for material you can glean on your own for free.

Live seminars are the worst: they’re expensive and overwhelming, piling on data at their pace, expecting you to keep up and absorb it all in a couple of days. Or less.

Choose the wrong course, and you’ll be completely lost—or completely lost and out a whole lot of money.

With PatBar®, you’ll skip the exorbitant expense, and you’ll study correctly. Study correctly, and you could be ready to pass the Patent Bar Exam in as little as three months. Pass the Patent Bar Exam, and you’re well on your way to your future.