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All Questions Are Secret

Before the AIA came into effect, the Patent Office stopped releasing exam questions and started making all exam takers sign a non-disclosure agreement. In addition, an individual is only allowed to take the exam 5 times. Current exam questions simply aren’t available to you, to us, or to any review course. Besides making it more difficult to know what’s on the exam, the USPTO made it impossible to actually practice answering questions. PatBar® understands from our work with thousands of successful alumni that practice is one of the most powerful ways you can study.

While we have seen claims by others that they have the new questions available, the evidence shows otherwise: either they are lying, or they are blatantly breaking the law. If the latter, they are likely to be sued out of existence by Thompson Prometric, the current administrator of the exam.

While the new questions aren’t available, we have used our experience to write our own questions which our students have told us reflect the questions on the exam remarkably well. This is especially true of students who have taken the exam before they found our company. Many of our students have told us that if they’d used our course first, they almost certainly would have passed.