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Program Details

The PatBar Method

For nearly 25 years, PatBar has focused exclusively on developing world-class patent preparation materials designed with one objective in mind — to ensure the most effective strategy for our clients to pass the patent bar on their first attempt. The structure of our course materials with its emphasis on this goal dramatically differentiates us from the multitude of patent bar preparation courses on the market.

The PatBar course is designed to rapidly develop your knowledge and skills in the following strategic areas:

Foundation — With PatBar, you will build and retain a cogent and coherent framework for understanding the structure and detail of patent law as codified in the MPEP. This bedrock knowledge will frame your ability to answer the precise questions tested on the patent bar exam.

While you will probably not be able to answer every question from your foundation knowledge alone, the deep and rigorous understanding of the MPEP that the PatBar course fosters will guide you in knowing how and where to locate the relevant material in the MPEP when you're taking the test.

Prior Questions — The patent bar exam relies on a significant number of repeat questions from prior exams. Your ability to know these questions cold and be able to answer them in your sleep will significantly improve your chance of success on exam day and your overall feeling of confidence.

New Questions — On exam day, you will be presented with many new questions which have not been released by the Patent Office. You must develop a strategy to deal with these cutting-edge questions that you will inevitably face on exam day.

Search Strategy — Unless you are a savant, you CANNOT pass the exam by rote memorization alone. Passing the patent bar requires not only your foundational knowledge of the MPEP but also your mastery and understanding of how to find things in the MPEP. Without effective search skills, the level and volume of information and detail required pass the exam would be unmanageable. PatBar shows you how to immediately find the relevant portion[s] of the MPEP.

Electronic Search Mechanics — Many test takers have been stymied on exam day when presented with electronic search tools and mechanics that are unfamiliar. PatBar strives to deliver the best exam simulation tools in the business. The PatBar exam simulation suite has been carefully crafted to provide an electronic search environment that most accurately reflects actual exam conditions. We continually strive to update our software to reflect any changes in the electronic search tools that you will encounter on exam day.

Dynamic Support (Deluxe version only) — If you are trying to learn a skill that has lots of subtlety to it, it helps to engage with a teacher and have them correct you. Preparing for the patent bar is a major endeavor and PatBar recognizes that you may encounter some bumps along the way. We are right there with you, should you need our assistance in grappling with any confusing or difficult exam materials. To this end, during your preparation process, David Meeks, the creator of our program, will personally answer your questions and help you through those difficult patches.

Our Alumni Say:

Subject: I passed!

I just wanted to say "thank you" for the good advice and structured approach in overcoming the patent exam hurdle. I took the exam a little over a week ago and passed on my first attempt. The information you provided was a wonderful introduction to the various subject areas tested on the exam, but the real learning was in applying "lessons learned" via the practice exams. I can't thank you enough!


Subject: Passed the exam

I passed! I know you get these e-mails all the time, but I wanted to send one anyway. First, thank you for responding to my questions. I know of other programs where help is not so forthcoming. I really felt like I got my money's worth from your program.

Second, the practice questions and exam software you provided made the difference. In fact, I recognized some questions on the test and automatically knew the correct answer, which saved time. However, the exam software was really key to passing. Your explanations that included the appropriate MPEP/CFR/USC section helped me learn which search terms to use to find the appropriate rule/law. By the time I took the exam, I knew exactly where to look and which search terms to use.

Glad it's over! Now I can concentrate on finishing law school.

All the best,

Subject: Thank You!

Mr. Meeks:
I am so very proud to announce that I passed the Patent Bar today on my very first attempt!!!!

Your materials were instrumental in my success for two reasons: 1) The materials are precisely condensed to focus on parts of the MPEP that will most likely be tested and 2) the test taking software really allowed me to sharpen my test taking skills. I reviewed the materials and took the simulated exams multiple times. I am living proof that with the tools you provide and some dedication, it can be done...

Keep up the good work!

What's included in the program
Introductory Material
Introductory Material
Program Instructions
Introductory Reading Material
Exam Search Guide
Introductory Lecture
Beginner's Lecture
Beginner's Lecture Series
(Deluxe version only)
1. First Assignment
2. Patent Prosecution
3. Ex Parte Appeals
4. Prior Art
5. Patent Cooperation Treaty
6. Reissue and Reexamination
7. Misc. Chapters
8. MPEP Rules
9. IPR, PGR and CBM
10. Supplemental Examination
Inside of a Module
59 Study Modules
Reading Material
Summary Lecture & Transcript
Quiz Questions
AIA Supplemental Materials
AIA Supplemental Material
Introduction and Instructions
MPEP Update
Federal Register Notices
Post-Course Curriculum
Post-Course Curriculum
Exam Simulator
Flash Cards
(USPTO Rules & MPEP Sections)
Patent File Wrapper Book
Email Support
Personal Support
(Deluxe version only)
Provided by David Meeks,
the creator of our program
Specific Answers to
questions about the
Help with
Prior Exam Questions

The PatBar Study Guides

Definition and Emphasis

All of the material tested on the patent bar exam comes from one source — the MPEP. However, without a directed reading of the MPEP and an understanding of the emphasis of the actual exam, wading through this complex material on your own is overwhelming.

PatBar has done much of the heavy lifting for you in hand-crafting and continually updating the PatBar study guides to lead you through the MPEP. With near 20 years in the business of patent bar study materials, PatBar has developed unparalleled knowledge of the emphasis and focus of the patent bar exam in relation to the MPEP. It has painstakingly culled, analyzed and summarized the relevant sections of the MPEP for you.

The study guides are your daily bread and butter and these volumes will give you both a detailed outline and comprehensive explanation of everything you need to know, written in clear, cogent English. The PatBar study guides are without equal in effectively preparing you for the real exam, maintaining just the right balance between summary and detail.

The PatBar Capsule Approach

The PatBar study guides break up the material into 1 hour capsules. We have found that this is the optimal time period to absorb each chunk of new material. Each capsule consists of a reading assignment, a summary section captioning the salient points of the reading assignment, and a series of prior exam questions and detailed answers which are correlated in scope to the reading assignment. The summary sections are conveniently provided in both written and audio format, in the PatBar audio lectures.

The study guides have been designed to reflect the structure and layout of the MPEP so that you rapidly develop an understanding of where to locate material when presented with a question you might not be able to answer off the top of your head.

PatBar understands that some areas may be particularly challenging for our clients. Our analysis and presentation of the MPEP takes these areas into account. PatBar understands the techniques that work, in learning and retaining the complex material that is tested on the patent bar exam.

Multi-tier Review Approach

PatBar provides a myriad of avenues for reviewing concepts presented in the study guides. Concepts may be reviewed by a presentation in the study guide, a table that summarizes the material, a summary in the audio lecture, a number of examples illustrating the concept, and prior exam and new questions correlated to the concepts in the study guide. We have found that providing multiple methods of preparation reinforces concepts and significantly enhances retention of this complex material.

Looking To The Past And Into The Future

Mastering prior exam questions is worth its weight in gold in preparing for the patent bar. As important as it is to study prior exam questions, it is essential to be able to review these questions in relation to material you are currently learning in the study guides. PatBar provides over 1,000 prior exam questions with detailed answers and explanations. More importantly, these questions are meaningfully correlated to the relevant sections of the study materials you are working on at any given time. If you are having trouble with a particular area, simply review the relevant section in the PatBar study guides and then practice your knowledge and skills using the pertinent prior exam questions collated to the corresponding study guide sections.

But mastering prior exam questions is not enough: in order to maximize your likelihood of success, you must also become familiar with current unreleased questions tested on the patent bar. PatBar places a heavy emphasis on the myriad of new questions that have not been released by the Patent Office but are know to be in circulation on the patent bar exam. Becoming acquainted with these new question areas is essential, as the exam evolves dynamically.

The new questions are often repeated from exam to exam in various permutations. PatBar has its ears to the ground and continually monitors new question activity based on the accounts of actual test takers. PatBar then highlights these new question areas along with detailed analyses in the pertinent areas of the study guides. PatBar will familiarize you with these new question areas, which will greatly improve your confidence on the actual exam; on exam day you will gracefully handle these inevitable gray areas.

Search Strategy —
Your Most Coveted Skill On Exam Day

PatBar understands that effective search strategies are a core pillar of your exam preparation. When you encounter a question on the patent bar exam that you cannot answer from memory alone, you will be required to very rapidly formulate a search strategy for locating the pertinent material in the MPEP. This means knowing which sections of the MPEP will be the most fruitful to search, as well as knowing particular keywords to use in your search.

PatBar facilitates your development of efficient search strategies in two ways. First, our study materials provide a structured and coherent presentation of the MPEP, which will significantly aid you in knowing where to find pertinent material in the MPEP. Second, with PatBar you will begin working on actual exam questions using an electronic MPEP immediately, so that you have time to build your abilities and confidence in finding the relevant material in the MPEP.


Exam simulation suite.

No doubt about it, PatBar provides the best exam simulation suite in the business. The focus is on actual questions from previous exams, which is where the focus should be. Just like the real exam, the exam simulation suite includes an electronic and searchable version of the MPEP. The PatBar exam simulation suite is also a must have because it most closely parallels the look, feel and operation of the software that will be thrust upon you on exam day. Some students have choked on the patent bar exam because they became overwhelmed by the mechanics of searching using the computer on exam day. Don't let this happen to you. Other patent bar review courses come up short in accurately simulating the look and feel of the actual exam. PatBar does it right. Whether you are a PC or MAC user, this software will work for you.

Subject: Passed

Passed the test on Tuesday, 21st. The program to simulate the test software was amazing, so accurate and helpful to know what you're going up against.

Thanks, Justin

Audio Lectures

The audio lectures are an alternate dimension of the PatBar course. These audio lectures present a professionally narrated, audio rendition of the summary sections of each study capsule from the study guides.

Flash Cards

PatBar provides two sets of thoughtfully conceptualized, color-coded flash cards that focus respectively on patent laws and patent rules. Mastering where material lies in the MPEP is essential to developing efficient search strategies when presented with an unfamiliar question. These flash cards are a perfect way to practice.

NEW Patent File Wrapper Book

See three complete patent applications from start to finish. The best way to truly understand patent prosecution is to see it as practiced by experienced attorneys at large R&D departments and law firms. These examples demonstrate both paper-based and electronic applications, different levels of complexity, and show what can go wrong.

Each file wrapper contains all correspondence to and from the Patent Office, which includes the initial application, office actions and responses, right through to issue. An introduction to each by Program Director David Meeks directs your attention to points of interest as well as anomalies and mistakes and how they are dealt with. These examples give you a real-world look at the patenting process.

Dynamic Support.
(Deluxe version only)

You learn so much faster when someone is telling you what to do. PatBar is standing by to answer your questions about your upcoming exam, should you so desire. David Meeks, the creator of our program, will personally answer your email, and takes pride in prompt and reliable service.

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