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The Deluxe version includes plain-English introduction to help you understand the complexity of patent law. Also includes email support from David Meeks, the creator of our program.

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Whether you're becoming a sole practitioner or going to work at a big law firm, you need to know how to pull in clients. This two-hour program will give you everything you need to be successful.

Completely updated for MPEP 9.0 including the America Invents Act, for the exam starting June 1, 2015.

Important Information for Engineers, Scientists, and Law Students:

Preparing for the Patent Bar Exam is a grueling experience.

You’ve seen the ads for home-study courses claiming that nearly all of their customers pass the Patent Bar Exam. The numbers from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) tell a very different story. The fact is that the Exam is very difficult. It was designed to pass only those who really know their stuff. In fact, the overall pass rate has been as low as 37% in recent years.

Even worse is when a course offers to refund your money if you don’t pass. Sounds great, right? It’s a trap. You would have to show documentation that you took the Exam—and failed—in order to get your refund. You must do this even if you realize right away that a program you’ve purchased is no good, or just not for you. Not only have you lost $390 in fees each time you take the Exam, but you’ve lost several months of your time to re-apply, study harder, and take it again. It's not just the time and money; it's also the effort you could have put into something more productive—like getting started with your career—if you had passed on the first try.

PatBar will happily refund your money if you don’t like our program for any reason. But you’re not here to exchange money with us; you’re here to pass the Patent Bar. We’re here to get you over that hump.

Why do so many fail?

Around half of exam takers fail. Why is the number so high?

Historically, students learned patent law through an apprenticeship with an already-established Patent Attorney, but this is no longer practical. You must be able to learn the material on your own, and that’s where most people get lost. The exam tests small slices of the entire 2000-page MPEP, and it’s all too easy to waste massive amounts of time studying material that will never be tested. For example, plenty of free material is available from the Patent Office—such as the MPEP, prior exams, and additional notices—that you can use to study. If you don’t know how to proceed, it’s a time trap.

There are also review courses available that are not produced by a Patent Lawyer or even a Patent Agent, and which simply cobble together this free material for the sole purpose of selling it to you for a lot of money. Even "good" courses can fall victim to these shortcuts: students have been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of non-tested material included in other, much more expensive patent bar review courses.

Another reason many students fail is that those who take a live course are often ill-prepared. The material is very dense, and very few people can study it for more than a few hours per day—let alone the 10 hours sometimes required by a live course—and retain what you must learn if you are to succeed. It's just not possible to learn a significant portion of the material in a weeklong course.

It's difficult, but passing is worth it.

As a Patent Attorney, you will be able to litigate patent cases in the court system, as well as represent clients while dealing with the USPTO.

Patent Lawyers either work for a law firm or in-house at a company, or they work for themselves and represent their own clients. Starting salaries are significantly above those of lawyers in general, and can top $300,000 per year for those with some experience.

Remember that you will always have competition for that high-paying job or that next big client. In a tough economic climate, every credential matters. Pass the Patent Bar Exam before or during law school, and you can get preferential treatment from law firms hiring new patent lawyers or associates. You can start halfway up the ladder to success.

Why choose PatBar?

PatBar was established in 1992 by a practicing Patent Attorney. We were the first company to offer a home-study course for the Patent Bar Exam, and have over 20 years of experience in preparing students to succeed.

Rote memorization simply doesn’t work for most students, so PatBar provides a method specifically designed to enable mastery of the MPEP. Our course offers detailed, streamlined and hand-selected materials, broken down into concise, easily digestible modules and summaries.

PatBar's proprietary Exam Simulation Suite virtually duplicates your actual experience on exam day, including a searchable edition of the MPEP.

Audio Lectures of the PatBar study materials allow you total immersion in patent law any time, anywhere. Flash cards allow you to learn what is where in the MPEP for quick look-up on exam day.

No one else offers the same combination of material that's easy to digest, adapted to exactly what's being tested, and kept up-to-date for the most recent changes to the exam.

Order Now!

The sooner you order, the sooner you can get started, and the easier it will be to study for the patent bar exam. Do it now, during the early part of your law school session, and you will have a vital credential under your belt, and less to do when you're busy with your final year of law school. If you can get started before law school, even better!

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P.S. - We recently raised our price from $595 to $695 due to overall price increases as well as course re-formatting required by changes to the U.S. Patent Bar format. We plan to raise the price again in the near future. Order PatBar®'s Program NOW before the price increases again!

To your success,

David Meeks and Everyone at PATBAR.COM

Important Notice:
Our program is now completely on-line. Subscriptions include access to all new versions when they become available.
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Program Director David E. Meeks

Patent Bar Program Director David Meeks Program Director David E. Meeks, Esq. is a member of the New York Bar, Attorney Emeritus, and admitted to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. He is a graduate of Newark College of Engineering, BSME Magna Cum Laude, and the University of North Carolina School of Law. He is a Master Rainmaker.

In 1992, he began organizing a program of instruction for the Patent Bar while teaching several IP and patent courses at the Fairleigh Dickinson University adult education program. He has been preparing students for the patent bar ever since.

Mr. Meeks has contact with pre-law and law school students on nearly a daily basis. His email address is director@patbar.com.

Testimonials: Our alumni have spoken!

Subject: I passed!

I just wanted to say "thank you" for the good advice and structured approach in overcoming the patent exam hurdle. I took the exam a little over a week ago and passed on my first attempt. The information you provided was a wonderful introduction to the various subject areas tested on the exam, but the real learning was in applying "lessons learned" via the practice exams. I can't thank you enough!


Subject: Passed the exam

I passed! I know you get these e-mails all the time, but I wanted to send one anyway. First, thank you for responding to my questions. I know of other programs where help is not so forthcoming. I really felt like I got my money's worth from your program.

Second, the practice questions and exam software you provided made the difference. In fact, I recognized some questions on the test and automatically knew the correct answer, which saved time. However, the exam software was really key to passing. Your explanations that included the appropriate MPEP/CFR/USC section helped me learn which search terms to use to find the appropriate rule/law. By the time I took the exam, I knew exactly where to look and which search terms to use.

Glad it's over! Now I can concentrate on finishing law school.

All the best,

Subject: Thank You!

Mr. Meeks:
I am so very proud to announce that I passed the Patent Bar today on my very first attempt!!!!

Your materials were instrumental in my success for two reasons: 1) The materials are precisely condensed to focus on parts of the MPEP that will most likely be tested and 2) the test taking software really allowed me to sharpen my test taking skills. I reviewed the materials and took the simulated exams multiple times. I am living proof that with the tools you provide and some dedication, it can be done...

Keep up the good work!

Subject: Re: Support Inquiry

Dear Mr. Meeks,
I've taken online courses that have tools purported to help the learning process. I don't think they have been as educational as your course has been thus far. I have been going through each module, reading the material, listening along to the lectures, and completing the quizzes afterwards. It works. I'm impressed that as confusion or questions arise on my part they get resolved as I follow along. Even when I emailed for support about a hunch, it turned out that I was right, which means I’m making my own deductions/inferences from the material. The availability of the personalized help makes me very comfortable and confident that I can do well. In short, I'm just very appreciative and my fear of this test is greatly diminished.